Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Did ACA adopt the Common Core Standards?

A: ACA believes in the need for standards in education, however we did not adopt the Common Core Standards for our benchmark. At ACA, we hold our standards much higher than where the CCS are set.

Q: Does ACA participate in the PSSA (Keystone) standardized testing?

A: ACA does not participate in the PSSA (Keystone) state exams. We utilize the TerraNova testing for bench-marking. These tests are are less stressful than the PSSA tests and consume far less classroom time. 

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​We do not use a single, standardized curriculum, because we do not take the “one size fits all” approach to education. 
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We continually strive to utilize materials that emphasize not just knowledge, but also the application of concepts learned.


General Math, Pre Algebra, Algebra I, 

Algebra II, Geometry, Pre Calc / Trigonometry, Calculus & Physics. Students are assessed and placed according to academic ability.


M.S. - Earth & Life Science

H.S. - Physical Science, Biology & Chemistry. Several advanced courses are available such as Marine Biology, Astronomy & Physics.


M.S. - World  History & American History

H.S. - Government, U.S. History, European History, Contemporary History


Comprehensive study of grammar, vocabulary and appropriate literary works; including short stories, Shakespeare, novels, British and American Literature.

Foreign Language

Spanish & French classes are currently available.


In conjunction with their regular Bible class, students participate in weekly chapel services which include worship and a time of teaching from a speaker. 


Photography, Cooking, Outreach & Missions, American Sign Language & More!

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      Class curriculums are provided by the following publishers:

Abeka / ACSI / Apologia / Bob Jones University / Christian Schools Int’l /

Cole Lengage Learning / EPS Wordly Wise / Holt & Brooks /

Progeny Press Literature