Think You Could Win?

Who Wins?

To put it in simple terms, it is an all out, knock-down, drag out battle to see who makes the best soup!

What are the details?

There will be two winners: Judges Pick and People's Choice. There will be a panel of judges that will pick the best of the soups.

The people's choice will be determined by a jar placed by soup, where you can vote for your favorite soup by placing money in their jar!

What is a Soup Smackdown?

Date: Tuesday November 7, 2017

Place: Armbrust Christian Academy Gym

Cost: $7.00 (includes unlimited samples of the soups, a salad, dessert and drink)

Fill out the form to enter your soup! (You must sign into a google account to complete form, or email name, phone number, and type of soup to, or call 724.925.3830)