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Mission Statement

Armbrust Christian Academy is committed to developing excellence in scholarship, character and community rooted in the teaching of Jesus Christ and the Word of God, surrounded by a Christ-like atmosphere.


The essence of ACA is to partner with parents in offering a Christ-centered education. We believe this is rooted in the Word of God. With Christ as our model, the students are encouraged to develop a Biblical worldview.

What Parents are Saying

"I can't say enough good things about Armbrust Christian Academy! The teachers are there out of a love for both serving and the kids, like it's more of a ministry for them than a job."

"It means the means the world to me that the teachers and staff are so approachable and will take the time to reach each student and parent as they need it. My kids feel loved and acknowledged and so do I, as a parent."

"ACA is a place where my kids are taught HOW to learn and not just told what to remember. Everything about the school is God centered, loving and inspiring."

"Making the switch to Armbrust from public school was truly the best  decision we could have ever made for our kids and family."

The students' daily walk with the Lord will promote character development as they actively engage in worship, ministry and evangelism.

The nurturing environment of ACA, supported by Godly faculty and staff, compliments the goal of a Christ-centered life.

Family Partnerships

Parents are a child's first teacher. A student's home life plays a very large role in how well they do in school both academically and socially. We want to see your child thrive at home, at school, in their relationships and in every area of their life.

Realizing that home and school are connected, and no one knows your child better than you, we invite you to work with our teachers to help your son or daughter grow and learn to the fullest of their potential during these formative years.  

Open lines of communication are imperative. We will strive to maintain communication about your child's progress in school, and we expect the same from you.